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There are 13 shelters in the South Cliff Gardens and during 2007 major improvements were made (Click on this link to see a before and after).
If you see damage, including graffiti, in the Gardens report it to the Council by 'phoning Customer First on 01723 232323.  Please do not assume that someone else has already reported it.  If you walk regularly in the Gardens, and see damage or graffiti that you have not seen before, please report it! 
Crime recording statistics are used when the authorities decide where to focus their resources.  The police say that reports of anti-social behaviour in South Cliff Gardens are at a lower level than in other parts of Scarborough. 

Restoration of Shelter 3 in South Cliff Gardens: 2012 is the 150th anniversary of shelter 3 in South Cliff Gardens. We believe this is an important part of our heritage and thought to be the work of Sir Joseph Paxton (1803-1865) and it would be wonderful if it could be restored to its former glory.

In 1969 it was converted into an electricity sub-station. NEDL has previously had two sub-stations in South Cliff Gardens but the one which was in shelter 3 has been relocated into the Spa buildings. We could now restore the shelter but we need funding to ensure the work is done on a timely basis.
The Civic Society was successful in raising £2000 from Voice Your Choice and it is hoped that before the end of the year the shelter will be restored.