The Friends of South Cliff Gardens are dedicated to the restoration and improvement of Scarborough's wonderful historic Gardens  

The Friends of South Cliff Gardens are working on a £5 million bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore and improve the gardens.

Great News from the Heritage Lottery:
Today,(January 9th) the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) and Big Lottery Fund are announcing grants totalling more than £33 million that will help restore and revitalise 13 public parks across the UK. 
Earmarked funding*

£4.99m for South Cliff Gardens, Scarborough
South Cliff Gardens are located on steep cliff slopes above the seafront in Scarborough's South Bay. The Bay became England's first seaside resort after spa waters were discovered in 1626 and later evolved into a tourist destination with a seafront spa complex, promenade and beach chalets. The 15 hectare gardens were designed by Joseph Paxton in 1856 but today they are in critical decline and at risk of sliding into the sea. The local authority is leading a project to stabilise the cliffs whilst this money will restore the gardens’ historic features and pathways; create a new sensory garden; install new fitness equipment; and make improvements to cycleways.
For more information about our bid please see the “HLF bid” page or visit and Like the Facebook on the link below: 
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                                                     In March we secured funding for the
restoration of the Prince of Wales fountain
Soon you will hear the magic of water!
 Shuttleworth rockery re-planted at last!
In response to growing concerns about the condition, appearance and misuse of the Gardens and the shelters (such as vandalism and vagrancy) in the South Cliff and Holbeck Gardens, the Friends Group was constituted in 2006.  To read our Constitution click on dropdown link above.
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