The Friends of South Cliff Gardens are dedicated to the restoration and improvement of Scarborough's wonderful historic Gardens   
We have secured £50K from the Heritage Lottery for the restoration of the Rose Garden!  Work is ongoing. See our latest Newsletter.
Volunteers from the University 
While most coastal resorts have bedding schemes similar to the superb displays on the Esplanade, there are no major seaside gardens elsewhere that feature plants suitable for coastal conditions displayed in a show garden style. While still retaining the Gardens' historical integrity plans will be developed for many areas which should be created to show the coastal planting combined into garden design to suit the tough conditions.
Central to this idea is a string of individually designed gardens, large, small and tiny, each based on one of the original garden areas and linked to a shelter so enhancing the historical design. 
The Friends issue a regular Newsletter to the membership. The latest issue has details of our Rose Garden project.
In response to growing concerns about the condition, appearance and misuse of the Gardens and the shelters (such as vandalism and vagrancy) in the South Cliff and Holbeck Gardens, the Friends Group was constituted in 2006.  To read our Constitution click on dropdown link above.

If you wish to join the Friends please use the contact us link.