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The name of the group shall be The Friends of South Cliff Gardens.

The area of benefit shall be from Swiss Chalet Cottage (end of spa foot bridge) to Sea Cliff Road and the gardens east of Ramshill Road


  1. To protect and enhance the garden's natural beauty, wildlife, flora and fauna, historical interest and facilities

  2. To promote the Gardens and increase its usage

  3. To encourage the responsible use of the Gardens

  4. To organise events and activities in the Gardens

  5. To act as an advisory body for the community and the Garden users

  1. To raise funds to support the above aims and objectives

  2. To utilise the Gardens as an educational resource


Membership shall be open to all people or organisations in sympathy with the aims of The Friends of South Cliff Gardens, irrespective of race, religion, creed, gender, colour, age, sexual orientation or political opinion.

Each individual member shall have the right to vote. Each organisation shall appoint one person to vote on its behalf.

SUBSCRIPTIONS   Membership to the  Friends  South  Cliff Gardens  is free,  on  the

completion of the registration form. A voluntary donation of £1.00 can be made as a contribution towards administration fees.



The committee shall call at least two general meetings a year of which one must be the Annual General Meeting.

At least two weeks notice shall be given in writing to the committee in the form of an agenda, and the public shall be notified by posting notices in the area and in the press.

The quorum shall be five members or one third of the full membership which ever is the least.

A. The group shall be managed by a Committee, which will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

B. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer and up to ten other members. The Committee membership shall be from within the South Cliff Gardens, they shall be free from any pecuniary interest.

C. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt local voluntary/community groups whose aims are for the benefit of the Park. No more than one member can be co-opted from each group. No more than four members can be co-opted.

D. The Committee will deem a committee member to have resigned if they fail to attend three consecutive committee meetings without apology.



E. The quorum for the committee meeting shall be five committee members.

F. Committee shall meet no less than four times a year.

G. The Chairperson of the meeting will have the right to a casting vote.

A. The Friends of South Cliff Garden's financial year shall commence 1 April and run to 31 March.

B. The Committee shall maintain a bank account(s) in the said name into which all moneys received must be paid. Cheques are to be signed by any two of the following: Chairperson, Treasurer and two other committee members as agreed by the committee.

C. Accounts will be subject to independent financial review at the end of the financial year.

If the Committee decides to dissolve the group then it shall call a Special General Meeting, which can dissolve the group by a two-thirds majority.

Any assets, and any money left over after meeting all obligations, shall be applied to purposes in keeping with the aims of the group.

If the Committee no longer exists, any four members may call a Special General Meeting.

There must be two weeks notice for a dissolution meeting.

All books and documents of the group shall be placed with such a person or organisation for safekeeping as the meeting shall decide.